Books :

     Dr. Oli Ahmad resonates his political ideals, his future plan and dream for the country, the future of BNP leaders & BNP, present prevailing condition of the country & the true facts of the initial stages of the Revolution and the Liberation war in his following books.

A.         My Struggle, My Politics. on 1 September 2001;

B.         Revolution, Military Personnel and the War of Liberation in Bangladesh?- 2003;

C.         My Ideal, (AMAR ADARSHA) on March 2004;

D.         My Politics, (AMAR RAJNITI)- 2007.

E.         Rastrabiplab, Shamarik Bahinir Shadashabrinda Abong  Bangladesher Muktijodda?- on February 2008

F.         Ja Dekhechi Ja Bolechi Ja Hoyeche, on April 2008

G.        Battles That I Fought and Interviews of Liberation War Heroes on November 2009

H.       Ashoni Sangket- Din Bodal Na Hat Badal  (Foreboding of a thunder-crash, - Change of Day or Change of Hand). 2009

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